Fix This One Thing… and Experience Significantly Greater Impact from Your Skincare

Your face is the mirror of your health and wellness!

It shows and reflects what you are inside – when you are tired, have lack of sleep, or stressed out, it shows in your face!

When you are having problems with your inner health, it can show up in your face in the form of blemishes, puffiness, water retention, wrinkles, dark eye rings, or acne. Dehydration shows up as dryness, flaking skin, chapped or cracked lips. Some of these may be a result of a clogged or backed up a lymphatic drainage system that is not removing the toxins and waste efficiently. Instead of applying thick make-up and creams to mask and hide the symptoms, FIXING it will not only allow you to experience a significantly greater impact from your skincare but make you feel and look better as well!

Remember all those times when you felt that expensive skincare products that others are raving about didn’t work quite as well on you? One of the reasons this happens is that your lymphatic drainage is not functioning optimally. A clogged up lymphatic drainage system will mean that toxins, waste and other unwanted materials are not being disposed of. They remain in your tissues and prevent any nutrient from replenishing and refreshing them. Your blood becomes toxic and can even make you sick! Imagine the consequences of a clogged drain in or around your house – now picture that happening in your own body. Does it make sense now that you should FIX this?

The blood in our blood vessels is under constant pressure. We need that to push nutrients (food the cells need), fluids and some cells into the body’s tissues to supply those tissues with food, oxygen and defence.

All of the fluids and its contents that leak out into the tissues (as well as waste products formed in the tissues, and bacteria that enter them through our skin) are removed from them by the lymphatic system.

When the lymphatic system does not drain fluids from the tissues properly, the tissues swell, appearing puffy and uncomfortable. If the swelling only lasts for a short period it is called oedema. If it lasts longer (more than about three months) it is called lymphoedema.

Tosia’s Timing Multi-Potent Cream offers the modern, busy, time-conscious men and women an easy and quick solution to a properly functioning lymphatic drainage system. Simply apply it daily to the sides of your neck and you are done in seconds! It will be quickly absorbed into your skin and make its way to the cervical lymph nodes located there to stimulate and activate your lymph flow. Once absorbed, it continues to work throughout the day and even after it has been washed off. If you are experiencing any of the following symptoms – puffiness, water retention, premature ageing, acne, loose or sagging skin and fine wrinkles that have not been satisfactorily treated by your current skincare, it may be time you took a closer look at your lymphatic drainage system.

FIX it! – don’t HIDE it!

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