Tosia - Natural & Botanical

Our range of biological beauty products use only safe, natural sources of active ingredients derived from botanical sources. Our formulas are free of toxic chemicals, drugs, or cheap fillers.

We combine the most advanced scientific technology with natural botanical ingredients to create bioactive compounds that offer the most stable and sustainable sources of biological molecules used in active skincare and personal care products.

Our range of high efficacy smart add-on products is the perfect add-on to your skincare routine.

It boosts your skin absorption, enhances your natural skin functions, and protects your skin from aggressive signs of aging, premature aging, and damage.

Tosia protects your skin by limiting the production of free radicals which can damage skin and by enhancing your skin’s absorption to its optimum level.

They greatly improve the health and appearance of your skin, visibly reducing the signs of aging. Most importantly, among many other benefits - it keeps your skin naturally hydrated.

Biological Beauty Technology

What is a biological beauty product?

Biological products are made from a variety of natural sources. Biodynamic farming is a farming practice which, similar to that of organic farming, does not utilize any fertilizers or pesticides in the cultivation of its crops.

It goes one step further than organic farming with its holistic approach to caring for the soil, ensuring that the soil retains its ability to grow vitamin, nutrient, and mineral-rich plants.

  • Tosia holds strongly to its love of nature and all things natural, therefore in our products you will find only natural active ingredients.
  • No drugs, no harmful chemicals – pure vegan sources only.

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