Tosia Affiliate online application

  1. Tosia online Malaysia will contact you once receive your application.
  2. Once your application been approved by us, the Agreement of Affiliate Program will be made by the same date of confirmation after the approval.
  3. The approval will be taken once we confirm and fully receive the payment of affiliate program package.
  4. For this Affiliate program between WMC RESOURCES SDN BHD (Company No: 808442-D), a company incorporated under the laws of Malaysia and having its business office located at No.19A-13-3A, 13th Floor, UOA Centre, No 19, Jalan Pinang, 50450 Kuala Lumpur, West Malaysia (hereinafter called “Main Supplier”) of the one part and the applicant ( hereinafter called “Affiliate”) of the other part.
  5. Main supplier and applicant shall be individually referred to as the “Party”or collectively referred to as the “Parties”


  1. The Main Supplier is the maker of the product called “Tosia”     and the company is based in Malaysia and is desirous in marketing, promoting and selling “Tosia” initially Malaysia and thereafter in other parts of the world. Therefore in order to achieve its goal in marketing, promoting and selling of “Tosia”, the Main Supplier is desirous in having Affiliates of its product(s).
  2. Applicant is an individual who is looking into business opportunities and has keen interest in the Main Supplier’s business and/or product(s) and would like to be part of the “Tosia” family and register as one of its affiliates.
  • The Parties hereby agree to enter into the Agreement of Affiliate program so as to regulate their relationships and observe their obligations in accordance with the agreed terms and conditions hereinafter appearing.


  • The payment for the Affiliate program package fee is non-refundable and the proposed Affiliate and/or Affiliate is not entitled to request for any refund for any reason whatsoever.
  • The Affiliates entitlement as a Affiliate shall be as follows:
    1. Affiliate’s profit from Tosia online total sales achievement will turn into point. 1 point is equal to RM1.
    2. Affiliate is welcome to join the Mains Supplier for roadshows and/or event of “Tosia”.
  • The Affiliates obligations are as follows:
    1. Affiliates must adhere and/or follow the price as given by the Main Supplier and shall not sell the products at a lower and/or higher Retail price.
    2. Affiliate shall follow the Main Supplier’s Standard of Practice (“SOP”).
  • The terms as above may be revised and/or vary by the Main Supplier at any point in time without any notice.


"BEFORE I apply for Tosia partnership, what are the win-win for this partnership?"

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