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Our Affiliate Partner Program – Your Path to Wealth and Prosperity

Become Tosia Affiliate Partner (TAP)

  • Tosia’s unique win-win online & offline business plans
  • Tosia’s unique online system
  • TELL (Share) to Achieve
  • No packing
  • No shipping
  • Build your own team of Affiliates
  • Manage your own time
  • Enjoy the Achievement


What is Tosia Affiliate Partner?

Tosia Affiliate Partner is an authorize reseller of Tosia with unique win-win online system mode without stock keeping, no packing & shipping requirement and offline system mode business plans. You can become a Tosia Affiliate Partner to find out which business plans suits you. You may build a group of premium line consumers for this premium biological beauty products by offering them Tosia Exclusive Loyalty Login program(TELL) to enjoy their Online and offline shopping experience with Tosia. You will also enjoy the Auto-Generation sales and consumer  from our online system.

 Tosia online Terms and conditions application.


How it works?

By becoming a Tosia Affiliate Partner,

1.) You can offer the following benefits to your valued customers.

  • Tosia Exclusive Loyalty Login program (TELL)
  • Enjoy free shipping within Malaysia
  • Enjoy special discount/ offer

2.) TELL more, Achieve more.

3.) Tosia’s unique win-win online & offline business plans.

– No cash collector, No packer, No shipper.

– Ready stock of the products at hand for immediate delivery or pick up

4.) No monthly sales target.

5.) Easily lead your customer to do purchase online at 


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start it off as second line of business income and enjoy the flexibility to earn extra income at your own leisure.


Our team will give you a call to confirm and proceed for further within 2-3 working days.

Please note that we reserve our rights to refuse any application if there are many active TAP from the same postcode. Sign up now to avoid disappointment.


The terms as all the above may be revised and/ or vary by Tosia at any point in time and Tosia have the right to amend the terms without any notice.



Email us at or call us +603-21818846 for more information regarding TAP program.

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