"Time waits for no one. Everything is in your hands. Time can make you wiser, and add more beautiful years to enjoy"

Siah Kar Poh
Co-Founder & Vice Managing Director


Persuing Perfection Through Innovation in Biological Skincare

The Perfect You

Pursuing perfection is the attitude of every modern individual.

Breakthroughs in genetics research present us with a promise to treat and enhance our skin condition due to better skin absorption.

As we are ageing our ability to regenerate new skin cells diminishes. Years of trauma to our skin leaves lasting marks, contributing to ageing factors such as scarring, pigmentation, fine lines, and overall increased pore size and texture.

Tosia is the embodiment of our great love of nature, the natural products of our earth, our attraction to the mysteries of nature, and our appreciation of the finer things of life. It allows you to experience your inner and outer beauty & to assist you in getting closer to that ultimate perfection that you can see and feel.

Your Complete Beauty

Our motto "Your Complete Beauty" emerges from the desire to bring you the best in biological skincare innovation products in terms of quality, effectiveness, and safety.

Our advances in biological technology assist in protecting your skin on a cellular level as well as provides quicker, better and longer lasting improvements to the condition of your skin.

We value the trust & commitment bestowed upon us as we bring you the best in biological skincare innovation. Therefore, we are committed to providing and serving our customers with only the best products & most advanced technology known to us to build and sustain relationships with you and serve you for many years to come.

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